3 Signs Your Equipment Should Be Hardfaced

Hardfacing involves adhering new material to metal products. This is done through various methods, but is typically done with a welding machine and can be a smart move to make in your industrial and manufacturing plant. These are a few signs that your equipment should be hardfaced.

1. You Notice Cracks on Your Equipment

Although most of the metal materials that are used on industrial equipment are strong and designed to last a long time, you may start to notice stress cracks in the metal over time. This can come from temperature changes or general wear and tear. Even hairline cracks that aren’t well-developed and that don’t seem too serious can get worse over time, so if you want to protect your equipment and make it last as long as possible, hardfacing can be a good option. Then, you won’t be able to see the cracks, and you won’t have to worry as much about them getting bigger.

2. Your Equipment is Showing Signs of Friction

A common problem with a lot of industrial equipment is the signs of friction that can occur on your machinery over time. As metal gets hot and is rubbed against with moving parts, it can start to wear down. This wear and tear is normal, but it can lead to your equipment wearing out or malfunctioning. Along with adjusting your equipment to help reduce friction as much as possible, hardfacing can help. Then, you can add a stronger, more durable layer to your equipment to help protect it from friction-related issues.

3. You Want to Ensure Your Equipment Will Last as Long as Possible

In your factory, equipment is the backbone of the operation. Without it, you won’t be able to keep up with production. Plus, if you have to invest in new equipment or have expensive repairs done, you can really take away from the capital that your company depends on. It can be best to be proactive and help prevent your equipment from wearing out and needing a repair or replacement in the first place. One great way to do so with equipment that gets a lot of heavy use is to hardface it, which can add an extra layer of protection from the elements and heavy use.

As you can see, hardfacing can be quite useful in a factory setting. If any of these three things apply to your equipment, it may be time to look into hardfacing. For more information, contact a company like Affordable Alloys