Controlling Access To Your Industrial Warehouse: Gate Options To Choose From

When you are in charge of enhancing security and maintaining safety in your industrial warehouse, the task can seem daunting and difficult at times. However, it does not have to be. One of the key security and safety elements to focus on is controlling access to your industrial warehouse. This access control can best be achieved by fencing off your industrial warehouse and using a gate for access to the site. Get to know some of the gate options that you can choose from for your industrial warehouse so that you are sure you select the one that is right for you and your business.

Slide Gates

One of the most popular commercial gates available is the slide gate. This is because it is a basic in style and operation. It also follows the line or the plane of your fence meaning that it does not take up much in the way of additional space and room in your driving and parking areas.

If you have limited space for your gate, then a slide gate will likely be the best option for you and your industrial warehouse. You can opt for gates that slide all the way across the driveway space in one solid piece or a sliding gate that has two panels that open from the middle.

The single panel sliding gate may be more secure that the gate with two panels as it would be easier to pry the gate open from the middle than to move a longer panel that extends across the entire driveway. However, stylistically, a two panel gate is often more popular.

Swing Gate

A swing gate opens on a plane opposite or perpendicular to the fence. Because swing gates move outward from the fence line, you will need extra space between where you stop vehicles from entering your business and the fence itself. This can have benefits to keep unwanted visitors out but can be logistically problematic if you are tight on space.

Swing gates do have some decided advantages over sliding gates. They are actually simpler in a mechanical sense that sliding gates. Because there are fewer parts that need to move and be controlled in a swing gate, it automatically means that there will be less maintenance and fewer repairs required to keep that gate operational. They also seem more fancy aesthetically making your business look more successful and beautiful.

Now that you know a few of the gate options available for your industrial warehouse business, you can make the selection that is right for you and your business. Then, you can better control access to your business and improve your security and safety on-site. For more information, contact companies like Incom Inc.